It took several years to write the Temple Series. From the outset, the locations were quite easy to fix. They, like the historical figures and core events, were determined by history. Those ancient happenings were well documented and today we have a very good understanding of many events that inform this series. The mystery is what we don’t know; those accounts and records that for whatever reason were left  incomplete. What were the things that the scribes of long ago did not or were not allowed to record?

  • D.C.Macey, author of The Temple Series
  • The Temple Legacy
  • The Temple Scroll

Of course, some people did know. What did they hide? How and where? What knowledge did the Templar victims take to their deaths? Secrets kept even under the most gruesome and awful of torments.

The cruel end of the Templars and the wicked abuse they suffered picks out a recurring theme that can be found across history: the perpetual conflict between good and evil that has dogged the footsteps of humanity throughout the ages.

It seems no matter how heavily evil is defeated, given time it will always return – seeping in through life’s cracks, spreading and growing to reassert its malign influence. Similarly, the innate goodness and humanity found in ordinary people can never quite be crushed into oblivion by the excesses of evil. Even in the darkest of times, a germ of goodness will survive to grow and reassert itself another day. There is always hope of a better, safer tomorrow.

In a blunter age, the Templars’ robust approach reflected the times in which they lived and was essential for self-preservation. Yet, measured in the light of their time, they were widely viewed as a force with integrity, acting for good and fairness. Even so, they were cruelly snuffed out; good once again swamped and lost to history beneath a tide of darkness and evil deeds.

The Temple – beyond deliverance. A further instalment is yet to come. Watch this space or sign up here to the newsletter for advance notice of Helen and Sam’s post Deliverance adventures.