Post ContactFirst Days is the first novel in The Post Contact series. It, like the rest of the series, is written in British English.

For helicopter pilot Jamie MacAulay and computer scientist Professor Steph Simpson a chance encounter confirms the answers to questions humanity has so frequently asked; now they know we are not alone and, yes, they are here. Fate propels the pair into an encounter that promises humanity endless opportunities, new knowledge and technology while opening access to limitless travel about the whole galaxy. Together with US General Paul Dower, they struggle to understand the discovery and rationalise their sudden change of life perspective.

Meanwhile, others seek to snatch control and exploit the opportunity to boost their own power at the expense of others.

As the struggle evolves, humanity’s innate ability to self-harm comes into play and the greatest of opportunities is squandered, morphing into an existential threat. From a chance encounter to the cusp of the stars and down to the depths of despair, Post Contact follows humanity as it tears itself apart only, at its most vulnerable moment, to be confronted by an external threat worse even than anything humanity could inflict on itself.