Seven hundred years ago, in a time of war and betrayal, Europe’s greatest hoard of

The Temple Legacy is the first novel in The Temple series. It, like the rest of the series, is written in British English. Set mainly in present day Scotland, it introduces young American church minister Helen Johnson and archaeologist Sam Cameron whose innocent lives are upended when coincidence and a chance discovery bring them into contact with a sinister group. The pair struggle to survive in the face of an explosion of violence and cruelty as the worst vices of bad men seek to overwhelm the goodness of ordinary human nature. Slowly, slowly they learn; coming to understand what is at stake and the threat they face. Then the fight back begins…

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The Temple Legacy Q & As

Where did the idea come from?

I live in a part of the world that’s steeped in history and the Templars are part of that history. The mystery surrounding the Templars and their abrupt ending has always intrigued me. In particular, what happened to their vast wealth and that fabled hoard of religious artefacts? It all just suddenly faded away into history. The Temple Legacy sets out on a journey to provide the answers.

There are some quite violent scenes.

Yes, it’s perhaps worth mentioning here that I have an interest in the seemingly perpetual conflict between good and bad, or evil. In the book, I specifically set out to draw on that continuing conflict as a key device in the story. Evil is often, though not exclusively, represented through violence and I use that. I really wanted to highlight the lengths to which evil will go in order to achieving its aims.

Now, after revisiting the work, I find I can be a little unsettled at the extent of the violence perpetrated by some of the villains. However, I won’t change it, it’s necessary to demonstrate just how cruel some humans can be and it accentuates the jeopardy faced by the characters in the story.

It’s also worth noting, cruel as the villains in The Temple Legacy may be, evil people live and breathe and commit equal and worse acts every day. We live in a violent world and it seems that, in many respects, evil is gradually gaining the upper hand again. The western bubble that shields so many of us from the extremes of violence, and its imagery too, is starting to wear quite thin. It’s important for everyone that each of us stands against evil whenever we find it.

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