Post Contact: First Days – New, New, New!

This book is the first of a near future action thriller series, Post Contact.

Publication date was 31st October 2022. The second book will be released in late November and the third during May 2023.

The Post Contact Series is certainly quite different in setting and genre from my previous novels. Yet as you might expect, there is a similar sense of jeopardy for the protagonists together with conflict, human aspirations and failings, and of course plot complexity combined with purposeful action.

Post Contact: First Days is available now in print or ebook via Amazon. Here is the direct link to your local Amazon store:  

More on the Post Contact Series very soon.

A good number of readers have written to ask what next for Helen, Sam, and the rest of their St Bernard’s buddies? I am really pleased that readers liked the stories enough to write and enquire.  Thanks to all who have done so.

There is more to come for Helen and Sam before they are allowed to finally settle into a quiet and comfortable life. Indeed, their future trials and tribulations are already mapped out. I’m really looking forward to sharing their adventures. However, I have given them some well-deserved downtime to ensure none of the team develops PTSD, which I think might otherwise be on the cards!

In the meantime, I’ve taken the opportunity to focus on two further series projects that I have long wanted to write. The first of which is Post Contact.
Please accept my thanks for your support and interest in my work, and my best wishes too in what remain quite difficult times.