The Post Contact Series2

The roots of the Post Contact Series lie in twin questions so many have asked:

Are we alone? Are they here?

Post Contact Series

Who knows the answers? Perhaps some do but, if so, they’re clearly not sharing. That’s not so surprising when we recognise how leaderships of every hue around the globe love their secrets and perhaps the sense of power they feel those secrets bring them.   

Post Contact sets out to consider life on a far wider canvas than a limited Earthbound perspective can offer. It reveals humanity as just a sideshow in the greater scheme of life. Yet chance, that great leveller, propels humans into the centre of events. There, all humanity’s failings and weaknesses conspire to undermine the greatest opportunity humanity will ever have. Post Contact follows humanity on a rollercoaster of discoveries and triumphs, disasters, collapse and a desperate scrabble for survival.   

Post Contact moves from the familiar geography of Earth to far out across a sweep of strange environments and unique galactic opportunities. How can humanity cope with the enormity of the challenges and responsibilities it must face?

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Book 1 – Post Contact : First Days
Book 2 – Post Contact: Holding On
Book 3 – Post Contact: Breaking Back  

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